where to start…

i want to layout the process for the adoption. like i mentioned this is quite the extensive process that requires a lot of paper work, laws and just jargon we are unfamiliar with.  we hired Christian Adoption Consultants to help guide us through the process and advocate for us.  we barely just began the journey and Casey at CAC has been a huge help thus far and am very grateful to have found her.

here are the steps that we need to take:

  1. get a home study- loads of paperwork, background checks, investigations, proof of this, proof of that, then finally a look into our home to make sure its safe and secure for a baby.  this process alone can take a few months.
  2. make a family profile book- basically a clear look into our lives.  tell expectant parents who are, what we believe in, how we raise our son and future baby.
  3. apply to multiple agencies.
  4. wait to hear from an agency to present to expectant mom.
  5. pray.
  6. match.
  7. placement.
  8. follow up.
  9. finalization.

we are currently at #1. more details on the other steps once we arrive.  remember, one day at a time, one step at a time, and like a friend said, one check box at a time.

be brave.



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