TGIF! i wanted to reach out to you all regarding fundraising.  along with the emotional support we are also inviting you to help support the costs for the adoption.  the road ahead means lots of prayers & paperwork.  an average adoption in the united states costs $20,000-$40,000. money go towards birth mother medical care, agency and application fee’s, travel costs, investigations, background checks etc.

we have created a Plumfund site (link below) where you can donate to our family, anonymously too if you prefer, to help offset some of our expenses.  this is the same site we used for our wedding registry to help with our honeymoon! there is zero fee for you to donate.

Adopting Baby McSherry #2 PlumFund

feel free to share the fundraising site on your Facebook pages to help spread the word.

it’s NEVER easy to ask for money so we are welcoming any and all ideas you may have to help us raise money to bring home baby #2!

thank you all in advance!

be brave.



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