home study: step two.

20 days ago (but who’s counting?) we received our Home Study packet filled with multiple specific steps to take to gather (very) personal information.  Of course, being me, i jumped right on it and started making copy after copy (of course this is when our ink decides to run out), type this, sign here, fill out this (oops my pens keep running out of ink), stamp this, mail that… i had never been more excited to gather paperwork, use office supplies, and actually have non-parental responsibilities (stay at home mom issues).  As i’m reading through the “check list” i stop in my tracks at “autobiography”… uh i have to write a paper?! Oh this is easy, she provided me a “template” to follow.  So most of you know, i haven’t been in college for 10+ years and have always (i mean A L W A Y S) struggled with collecting my thoughts and writing a paper (i blame my A.D.D.) So that Friday, after i lay Mr. B down for nap, i get comfy on the couch with my iced coffee and laptop (which i never use so i had to charge it, update it, blah blah blah) then finally started typing and deleting. typing. deleting.  Here comes writers block in full force.  I had barely started!  My life has had a lot of up’s and down’s, like everyone else, but how do i put my whole life into a 4-8 page paper that will go to a court to determine if we are fit to be parents.  Anxiety kicks in even more because i’m thinking how much this paper truly means and what it can determine and then i’m just staring at my blank screen. I ended up walking away and restarted a few days later.  I am an over thinker, analyzer, and then i over think all of my analyzing.  it’s a mess.  Needless to say, 17 days later i got the 10 page autobiography done (overachiever right here!).  That was our last item on our list before we could pack everything up and head to the post office with a toddler (yeah that was interesting)…

Image 1

Now we wait.  We wait for our social worker to call to schedule our 2 home studies.  The first one will be in our home and she’ll spend time getting to know our family in an extensive interview.  The second visit to our house will be our “home interview” where she will make sure our home is safe for a little one.  We have already started prepping our house for this part as well as for our  new life as a family of four.  We have made our guest room, into a nursery (still lots of work to be done there).  We have made the office our new guest room slash office.  We recently had a pool fence installed which has given us heightened safety and a peace of mind.  Beckett has rarely ever showed much interest in the pool but we were more worried about actual accidents- the being chased by mom or dad or the dogs and him running right into (no, that did not happen).  It’s SO nice having it (obviously!) because he can now run free without helicopter parents on his rear.  The weather here in Phoenix has really changed this week so now we can enjoy more time in our spacious backyard without worries.

Image 2

After these two home visits, she will compile everything, hopefully have our background checks and finger print results, and send everything off to the Juvenile Court. Then we wait more.  We wait for the call (?) or piece of mail (?) to arrive that identifies we are fit to bring home a new family member.

Lastly i wanted to bring up our fundraiser.  Helping us fund our expenses is a huge favor to ask but I just had no idea how big of a community supports adoptive families searching for their babies. As i read stories of families on a similar journey whether that being infertility struggles, infant loss, or purely their calling from God, we are inspired to ask for guidance. Maybe you cannot contribute monetarily but maybe your friend who owns an Etsy shop can help donate through proceeds, or maybe your husband’s coworker went through adoption and wants to reach out, or a local photographer is willing to set up mini sessions to collect funds.  We’d equally love to spread the word about your business while you help our cause.

Please help us spread our story, share our hearts.  Social media has a strong presence in our society these days so simply sharing our link Adopting Baby McSherry #2, or link to this blog A Full Circle Decision. via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email etc is already a huge help to us.

Thank you for following our journey, supporting our decision, sharing, donating, praying and just being our support system. i’m so happy things are moving forward even though it seems at snail speed.

be brave.


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