remember, she is on your side.

Today is one of many important days of our adoption adventure; a day we will document so we can share with the baby in the future.  Monday, February 22nd 2016:   Our first of two home studies happens in our home at 4 pm.  I didn’t frantically clean every corner of the house, wall to wall or from top to bottom.  that’s not reality.  We have a toddler; a toddler who has decided that buggers are the way to greet a new friend coming into our home (note: beckett is never sick and so it seems that he may have a cold).  But life happens. Timing is impeccable so we just have to continue to roll with it.  Let’s just hope our patience shines through the buggers and clinginess.  We did however organize our chaos.  Just recently moving into this home really helped limit the manual labor.  I think i have put more mental stress on myself then actual home preparation… what will she ask? what will she think?  Will she like us? I am a very open book.  I love to talk detail, the good and the bad.  Will i talk to much? i have to let michael have some air time too.  I literally cannot stop my brain from thinking about all the “what ifs’.”  Totally normal, i know, but lives depend on this interview.

So in the midst of all this personal debacle, I confide in a local girl that found me via Instagram.  She is one of a few girls i have connected with who is on a similar path. Although she is a few steps ahead of us, she has been such an amazing resources and shoulder so far.  She gave me the best advice regarding this step of the process… she so simply stated, “she {social worker} is on your side; she wants you to be approved.”  Those words gave me immediate ease (even if just for a moment).  SHE WANTS US TO GET A BABY!

thank you, new friend.Image 3

So here i am, doing the last finishing touches (basically just going over everything i have already done), baking some cookies, cutting the flowers, making some lemonade and waiting for 4 pm to roll around.

wish us luck.

be brave.



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