little by little a little becomes a lot.

home study preliminary stage: CHECK!

interviews, reference letters, (most) background checks, home inspection, fingerprints, and full report are patiently awaiting to be sent to the Juvenile Court for review.  This process has been going fairly smoothly except one minor hiccup.  Since we’ve only been in AZ for one year we are expected to get a background check from NM. The  NM government aren’t known for their urgency so lets hope this doesn’t tack on multiple weeks for completion.  Once our case worker receives this last check, off goes our file to the court for our certification to adopt!  I hear things from others and it looks like this process can take about 4-6 weeks.  Definitely not what i wanted to hear but at least i know we are one step closer.  again, once we are court approved, we apply to a few angencies (thinking locally only to start off) then we wait to hear from them regarding potential birth mom situations!  we will continue to keep you posted on when we receive certification!

family profile book design & edit: CHECK!

our lovely consultant over at CAC has been designing our family profile book.  Guys, this book is no joke!  i went crossed eyed looking over all 10,000+ images of our lives starting from friends ➸to boyfriend/girlfriend ➸ engaged ➸ married ➸ a family.  We never want to judge a book by its cover but that’s the situation we are in! A birth mom will thumb through our lives on pages and either have an instant connection or not.  We want her to see where their child will fit into our life.  We want the book to be warm, welcoming, clean, and bright.   We want her to feel like our book has arms wrapping around her taking her in while she makes the toughest decision of her life.  I want our book to stand out in every way possible.  We want to display trust and openess, fun and adventurous. I wish i could add every image we have and find every perfect word or information regarding our family but we also don’t want to overwhelm them too much, all at once.  Every pictures tells a story, shows a personality so when we are fortunate to meet our birth family one day, we can share more details and shed more light on what our family is all about.

I want each birth mom who holds this book in their hands to know, to feel, to see that we CARE! we care about our current family.  We care about our new family.  We care about her family.  We care.

be brave.

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