dear birth mom.

As we wait for the home study (still!) i have been thinking a lot about the other party involved.  this adoption isn’t just about michael and i getting a baby to grow our family.  its also about someone else facing a life changing decision.  They are choosing life and placement, they are choosing a family to raise and love their little one.  We are continually asking for prayers on our journey but lets not forget to pray for the birth mother.  These prayers will help navigate her through her process of this journey.  along with safety, protection, health of her and the growing life inside, we want to pray for other aspects that are effecting both her heart + her soul + her future.

dear birth mom, i pray for wisdom.  wisdom to know how to make this incredibly selfless decision and to stand by this decision as those around you may not understand or support your choice.

dear birth mom, i pray for strength.  both physical + emotional strength.  the adoption process for the adoptive parents is one intimidating route so i pray for your route as it is totally different than mine.  strength for the vulnerability you will face as you tell a stranger about your life, your pregnancy and why you want to proceed with placement.  you will share with friends and family, even strangers, you are pregnant and then follow it up by your choice of life and adoption.  strength while you thumb through pages of profile books looking at unfamiliar faces smiling back at you on pieces of paper and trying to envision where your baby will fit in their family.  i pray for strength as you meet the new family you have selected and the day you place him/her into their arms.

dear birth mom, i pray for clarity.  this is no easy, simple decision.  you are picking a family for your baby.

dear birth mom, i pray for peace.  peace that you have made the best, right choice that your little one will be safe in this new home with this new family.  peace that when you welcome baby into this world with their new family and place her in their arms that you see and feel love along with the tears. i pray for peace that you will forever know that we will love your baby with all our hearts.

dear birth mom, we are praying for you.

be brave.


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