he hears us ✞

Yesterday was Easter and we had such a great weekend with friends & family. This was Beckett’s second Easter and though he doesn’t remember last year’s, this year’s was full of new traditions, old traditions, and fun memories. We dyed eggs, went on a family donut date, went to our friends for a Brunch n Hunt, pigged out on (too many) sweets, and made my first yummy mini Easter dinner (lemon & blueberry french toast + ham + avocado deviled eggs + bacon wrapped green beans + bunny krispie treats).


As some of you may have seen my previous Instagram post, Easter morning started off very special to me.  Sometimes it’s hard to believe our prayers are answered or even heard.  They aren’t always immediately answered nor are they obviously answered but after this experience i know that i am being heard as i felt so comforted by this experience:

✞ As we were trying to shuffle out of the house to head to our friends, i went into the new nursery to grab beckett’s shoes.  I opened the door and saw this beautiful reflection of a cross shining bright on the ground right in front of baby’s bassinet.  i had enough time to grab my husband, but not long enough to snap a picture as it was gone when i returned with my phone.  i couldn’t shake this image all day and it gives me so much hope & restores my faith that i am being heard, God is watching, and to keep faith to trust this process and trust His guidance.  I will continue to pray for birth mom, continue to pray for this baby, pray of our patience, pray for the process… ✞

one quick home study update:  i got word from our case worker that our last CPS results were in her possession (as of thursday of last week) and our entire report is off to court for processing!  now you ask, how long will that take? unfortunately the best answer i have is average time is about 4-6 weeks.  meh.

i will now leave you with this other really touching moment from this weekend… my dad  had replied to my dear birth mom blog post with the sweetest, most endearing words: thank you dad for loving me unconditionally and supporting each and every single path i have chosen in (almost) 32 years.   Image 5

be brave.


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