and we are LIVE!

100 days since we announced we are adopting.

55 days since we had our first home interview for the home study.

24 days since our entire life story & background were sent off to court.

yesterday we got word we. are. approved. to adopt!

once we had our minor setback of that needed extra CPS check, i was praying that we would hear by the end of the month and it happened sooner!  i was expecting a lavish, gold sealed, card stock paper certification with a fancy signature with the judges name and well, it was just a tri-folded piece of computer paper with dates & check marks and a staple 1/3 of the way on the paper. Oh well bc WE ARE APPROVED!

this means we are busy finishing triple checking the agency applications we filled out months ago (heehee) and printing last minute cover letters to accompany our family profile book.  i have never been more excited to make a drop off at the post office.  once the agencies receive our package, we will be an active family waiting for potential adoption situations!

being “live” means we can hear of potential situations within 24 hours, days, weeks, months etc… no idea how many or how often so continual prayers each day are very much appreciated!  once we fit with a situation, we chose to “present our profile” to the birth family, and at that point she/they can decide to match with us.  by presenting our profile we are agreeing to match but it is the birth mothers ultimate decision.  once we are matched, fee’s are due (YIKES!), and we create an adoption plan.

i will be constantly stalking my emails and always have my phone on loud vs vibrate to make sure i dont miss anything!

i am so happy to be READY!

what a great birthday week it has been!

be brave.


One thought on “and we are LIVE!

  1. Congratulations!!! This is exciting and we are happy to be part of your journey, so keep us posted!!! Love and Joy!!!


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