mama said there’d be days like this…

mother’s day is a hard day since i lost my mom back in 2000.  each year it’s a different hard for me.  this year it is difficult as we anxiously wait to grow our family. i am so excited & ready to be a mom to another little being.  my days leading up to Mother’s Day are spent thinking of all the birth moms out there who are facing there decisions to place and then choosing a family for their bambino. i’m busy thinking of other friends in my life who no longer have a mother in their lives either.  I’m doting on all my friends who have been blessed with newborns recently both biology as well as through adoption (6! 6 babies were born in April within my circle of life!)  i’m reminiscing about the times i spent with my mom on Mother’s Day at hotel brunches or picnics in the mountains.  i’m annoyingly refreshing my email over & over only to find & delete “get the perfect mothers day gift for your mom” advertisements.  i want to buy a mother’s day gift.  i want to buy one for my mom.  i want to show her how much i love her & appreciate all that she has done for me.  adoption is sacrifice- to place and to receive.  my whole life is based on adoption.  thank God for adoption; thank God for you mom & dad.

“biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”

we continue to pray for the call.  continue to wait for situations.  continue to check my emails.  continue to wait.

happy early mother’s day to everyone out there no matter your maternal situation.

be brave.Image 1


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