this wait is…


“mom is choosing to parent.”

after 3 weeks of holding our breath, the feeling of anxiety & butterflies have turned into numbness & physical pain. it’s a sad relief.  we got our answer.  we can move forward.  i will repeat myself again… adoption is m e s s y.  there are two heartbroken families yet mom decided to parent! that isn’t a bad thing, that’s a good thing!  then why do i feel anger + frustration + sadness + heartache? bc i am human.  i want to reach out to that other family, hug them & encourage them not to lose faith in the process.  i wish + hope to take the advice that i would give them if i had the opportunity.  Image 1

i ask you to please continue your prayers. for me, my husband, my son, our future baby, expectant mom & other waiting families.

i also ask that you continue to pray for this mama & little one growing inside of her.  

i will never forget you mama. thank you for considering us.

be brave.  


5 thoughts on “this wait is…

  1. That is so hard. We had two “failed” adoptions where mom decided to parent. It was the hardest. The hopes had been up (like sky high) and honestly sometimes i felt like “WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!” Nothing is of course and our sweet baby girl came along and it all made sense when we held her. I’m so sorry you are going through this! Praying for your baby to come soon!! Keep your hope up ((hugs)) -Naomi (annies.nest.designs)


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