waiting to wait.

the wait is on again. we have presented to another expectant mama. again our criteria shifted a little. this one came with long, honest discussions between a husband & wife. a tired, dissatsifed husband & wife. we are shifting our thoughts in this process. gravitating to excitement + happiness + hopefulness.

we are on the same team.

profile was supposed to be presented wednesday, which quickly turned to thursday.  touched base today and bam withholding to present till tuesday.  i had to ask our consultant casey, is this normal?  to have so many glitches every time we present?  we have discovered that there are a lot of cracks in the adoption process and unfortunately they are unveiling themselves every situation we get. she reassures me this is normal. 

in case you don’t know, i love to communicate. i love details.  i love to be informed.  i love to learn.  i love to know.  the case worker that we are currently working with is

A W E S O M E.

i have reached out to her multiple times with hesitation and she welcomes me to touch base & ask questions.  this is a new part of the process that i really enjoy.  it definitely makes the wait to wait aspect more manageable.

Image 3

while we wait to wait…. again… i feel desensitized.  i feel it harder + harder to give my whole heart yet it’s almost even harder to withdraw + holding back emotionally. so for now, i feel desensitized.

again, i say this now.

I’ll be broken again if we hear another “no”.

temporarily broken.



no way around it right? even if I put on my cool shades 😎

short n sweet.  these are my thoughts.  my feelings for now.  the wait to wait.

be brave.



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