when one door closes, another one opens.

today has been an off day from the beginning (is it wednesday!?). beckett woke up later than normal but grumpier than normal, gymboree was a struggle for him (even though my favorite toddler has been literally begging to go for a week). we get home from class and he immediately goes into his room, tells me “it’s time for nap. goodnight” as he is crawling into his bed (very rare for him to do this especially without a full belly). i kiss him goodnight & walk out of his room. shortly after, i quickly make my salad for lunch as i know i have a lot of things to get done on the computer during nap. i sit down to eat my luscious salad and the power goes out. then my phone starts making the HORRIBLE weather altering noise regarding an incoming dust storm. immediately following that big eye roll & sigh bc im scared all of that just woke up my cranky toddler, the doorbell rings which triggers dogs to bark (the sign on the door says PLEASE KNOCK ups guy!), and my cell starts ringing. literally, all. at. once. of course right?!

it was THE CALL.

this is our baby!

we have been chosen!

       a LOCAL mom wants us to welcome her baby into our family!

for a girl who is always in a rush cannot move a muscle. i am frozen.

this is not the time to freeze!


not only did the case worker tell us we are matched BUT she told us that baby GIRL may be coming any day. mama “L” isn’t due till 9.11 but at her appointment today, she was showing signs of labor including contractions.

is God trusting us with another preemie?


i will ask you now to please pray. send positive energy. pray. cross fingers. pray.

pray for mama “L” & pray for our daughter! (Ah! our daughter!) pray for health + strength. i know from experience that the power of prayer works so please send us whatever you’ve got!

oh. and I never got to eat my salad bc dog got to it first. 

being brave.

Image 2


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