“you’re invited!”

when i was told i couldn’t carry again in 2014, i knew that i’d never be able to be apart of an ultrasound again. i quickly regretting now breathing in that atmosphere deeply and soaking in all my surroundings. since beckett was early i was even more denied many of those special on screen moments. god is good. you know why he is good? the case worker shared with on on thursday a heartwarming invitation by mama L…

… to be apart of her next doctor appointment!

i’ve always wondered what this would be like when we first set out to adopt.

i’ve read and seen pictures about both moms watching the baby grow t o g e t h e r.

i’ve tried to imagine myself in that room standing next to the chair instead of being the one on the chair.

i’ve dreamt about if our chosen mom would want us to be involved and if she did to what extent.

i’ve asked myself what would i want and feel comfortable with if i were in her shoes.

i’ve questioned my own comfort level.

i respect this mama. i respect her wishes + needs. i was goose bump filled when i heard the case worker extend that offer to us and it. felt. great.

i also have to gloat about our case worker. she was full of detail regarding mama L’s appointment she had on thursday. the ultrasound and heartbeat were great! fluids are where they should be, and fetal movement scores are great.

she has been so helpful + inspiring + communicative + informational + compassionate + responsive.

everything i hoped for!

god is good.

be brave.

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