dear bk.

brooklyn kay,

do you know what you represent?

you represent selflessness. someone put your needs ahead of their own to give you a life she could not offer for her personal reasons.

you represent a puzzle piece to our family. one we were missing and now we are complete.

you represent patience because the process of adoption require a lot of waiting. funny because you weren’t very patient to come into this world as you were born exactly 1 month early.

you represent that the power of prayer yet again prevails.

you represent bravery.

you represent hope that this process was worth the wait.

you represent encouragement to other families who are struggling through the waiting stage.

Image 4

not one day goes by that i haven’t thought of your mama. unfortunately, i did not get much time with her as this all happened so incredibly fast but she knows that we are praying for her + routing for her + loving her + supporting her. i can’t wait for her to SEE what her courage has provided you.


as i sit here typing this, you are snuggled into my chest, breathing long deep breaths. we are soaking each other in. i get to kiss your soft head over & over. you are melted into me as if this was where you always belonged. your attributes match my dream, which feels to me this is a sign that my mom knew you were ours and your story had already been written for us.

Image 6

brooklyn: because i’ve always loved the name but it also is a perfect match with your brother beckett… brooklyn + beckett… always gave my chills when i spoke of it before you existed. now it makes my heart skip an actual beat. to see + breathe + speak of brooklyn & beckett is what i always dreamed of.

kay: although it isn’t the most common name, coincidentally it comes from both sides of your forever mom and dad. your grandmother on your dad’s side first name is kay and your grandmother you’ll unfortunately never get to meet but only feel and know her presence (which im sure you have already) had kay as her middle name. it was very important for your dad and i to honor both women with your name because they are extraordinary woman that you will look up and learn a lot from. your grandma kay will teach you about hardworking +being humble + kindness. your grandma judy will guide you through your life through spirit. she was strong + independent + adventerous all things we strive you to be.

Image 2

be brave.


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