one month.

how has it been a month? cliche, i know. i was thankful that when bk turned 4 weeks and hot her due date, we still had a few days before she truly was ONE MONTH old.


brooklyn kay, you have gone from 6 pounds 7.4 ounces to 8 pounds 12.8 ounces  you were 17.5 inches at birth and currently 21.5 inches tall (even though that is the hardest measurement to capture and I’m still not sure how accurate).


your hair is lightening everyday and is no longer the dark brown from birth but more of a light brown with a strawberry tint. although you’ve lost a bit, i can’t wait to see how it grows back in (and throw it into a top knot.)


your eyes are still a beautiful almond shape and seem to have hazel around the pupil and blue around the outside. you’re having more awake time the past week or so. you can tell you’re trying to focus, be more aware and alert of your surroundings. you are starting to track voices and will try to find where it is coming from.


you love being on your belly (or up against our chests) whenever possible and bc of that your neck is getting stronger and you love practicing your head control.


your belly button is finally healed and is as cute as a button. your tummy is nice and plump as you love to eat every 2 hours! even at night. you’ve got quite the personality and when you are hungry YOU ARE HUNGRY. there is a very little window between wake up and chow time.


daddy works hard everyday to get you to laugh + smile. up until today the smiles have accompanied with gas but when i shot this i got your first smirk and not because of gas. i truly think you know who we are and you know how much we adore you.


we love to nibble your neck and kiss on those ears. your hands are still usually clinched but you have great gripe strength when you hold on tight during bottle feedings. beckett loves to gently move your fingers back and forth pretending he is tickling you.

i am obsessed with the tiny, soft hairs on your arms and back.


i am no foot expert but i think you have big feet for your size with very long, beautiful toes. they are fun to tickle and enjoyable to smooch.


if i could talk to mama L today, this is what i’d tell her:

i’d tell her you’re so incredibly loved. by us and your brother. we get complements daily how you resemble a doll or should be in the Anne Geddes books.

i’d tell her you had a party thrown for your arrival into our family. 50 people, including friends and extended family got to love on you at your Sip n See. some flew across country and some drove hundreds of miles. because of your story and this blog, you have received personalized gifts that you can cherish forever.

i’d thank her again for her bravery.

i’d tell her that i talk to you about her. your soft voice and your beautiful attributes.

i’d tell her that i still think about her everyday. i look forward to snapping these images to share with her on a monthly basis as well as documenting memories for ourselves.

i’d tell her i still and always will pray for her.

be brave.





One thought on “one month.

  1. This is so beautiful. The part to the birth mom. So happy for your family. So thankful that these wonderful mama’s choose adoption (LIFE!) for these precious little ones. God bless.


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