worth the wait. 

a lot of this last month has been a better combination of you learning me just as much as me learning you. you slept a lot month one and all i did was stare and memorize your every breath + flawless feature. month two we’ve spent plenty of time locking eyes + discovering voices. you know me. i know you better. you hear my voice and you begin to search for me. it’s not just me you respond to. you know your dad, you know your brother.

beckett has become more physical with you. he finally held you in his lap, he wraps his arms around you, he kisses you, and he helps you. he’s learning your cues + your needs.

weight: 12 pounds even.

length: 22.5 inches.

I was writing out your stats and wanted to see where beckett was at this point in life. you guys have similar mannerism (sucking on fists) + weigh the same (at 12 pounds even) + you look pretty similar actually + both wear 3 month clothes + discovering voices + smiling more and more.


2 months has approached, quickly, and i am busy compiling all my documentation for mama L. i take all these images with intention for your birth mom. i think about the details she may like to see. i want her to be able to see what you have in common since i can’t decipher that myself. showing off her features is important for me just as if she was spending face time with you, her sweet daughter.



she has certain eye line creases under her eyes, a dimple under her left eye when she smiles, which i have to add that she really makes us work for those smiles. very distinct that always makes me wonder if that is from her birth father or her birth mother. dimples in her elbows, dimples in her fingers…








aside from physical features, i’d share that you are a messy, messy eater. we always make sure to have a burp cloth handy or your outfit will be totally drenched. thankfully you don’t spit up like big brother beckett did for his first 1+ year of life.

your appetite has increased which is helping you sleep 6-8 hr stretches at night. my favorite thing you do is search for my pinky or thumb while drinking your bottle. you search under the burp cloth and once your tightly grasp those fingers of mine you are instantly settled.




Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with b3 preset

bk, you are happy.

you are healthy.

you are treasured.

you are adored.

you are worth the wait.

be brave.


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